Jack N Jill Toothbrush Unicorn Biodegradable 1pk


This biodegradable toothbrush promises to make teeth cleaning fun for your child wite a cute unicorn design.

The handle is made from 100% corn starch. BPA & PVC free.

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These biodegradable toothbrushes are made from corn starch which means they are compostable and will break down in soil over time. The brush handles are smooth and feel just like traditional toothbrushes.

The toothbrush bristles are made from nylon. The head can be broken off and recycled.


Bristles: PBT. Handle: 100% Corn Starch.

Note: While we always attempt to provide accurate information, ingredients can change. Always check the label on the product prior to use.
Directions for Use

Sterilize often - about once a week or after illness. Immerse the toothbrush head into 10% hydrogen peroxide (widely available from pharmacies).

Leave for 10 minutes then rinse with water and allow to air dry. Your child's toothbrush will stay cleaner and last longer.

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More Information
BrandJack N Jill
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